Although the global view of South America has been one-dimensional at times, this vast and vibrant continent is anything but. From its hundreds of indigenous peoples to its dramatic landscapes, South America’s sheer diversity remains the continent’s most defining trait. Travelers come to experience and to explore: be it the peaks of Patagonia or Brazil’s famous Carnival, what they find is a place that surprises, enchants and—always—pulses with energy. The continent’s global contributions to literature, art and modern architecture are as significant as its record-holding natural wonders—many of which have inspired adventurous travelers to strap on packs and set records of their own. From border to border, South America is colorful: lively Latin music, passionate regional dances, intense sports, spicy cuisine and a warm, layered culture that blends ancient tradition with European influences. A trip to South America promises to be an exciting one, plunging travelers into a kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and flavors.

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