Mini-format pocket map gives you the essentials to get around Paris. One of several Michelin maps of Paris, this map offers a compact format, ideal for light travel since it easily slips into a pocket or bag. Dependable mapping and essential features such as the street index and Metro map make this map perfect for tourist and business travel alike. Michelin’s simple folding design makes it very practical to open, consult and fold up quickly. ‘ Updated mapping, 1/20,000 scale, ‘ Tourist attractions and Paris monuments clearly indicated, ‘ Street index to help you get oriented, ‘ Paris Metro and airport connections maps for easy traveling, ‘ Mini format slips into a pocket or bag, ‘ clear, reliable cartography makes it easy to find your way.

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  1. take a look says:

    I'd love to go to Paris! I have always been dreaming of going there. I'd get this map when I get the chance to visit the city of lights and love.

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