North America Deluxe 2014

2014 Deluxe Road Atlas wSpiral 9782067185425

North America Deluxe 2014

NEW FEATURE! Michelin’s updated, spiral-bound North America Road Atlas 2014 includes six full pages about our US and Canadian national parks, with proposed itineraries and fascinating points of interest.  The bonus index of GPS coordinates to 2000+ parks will point the way.  Whether it’s an epic adventure, a short road trip, or a quick jaunt, travelers appreciate the clear, accurate mapping.  The atlas’s big picture and road details help them on their journey, for advance planning and consulting en route, while its tiled map pages complement online driving directions and GPS systems. Take to the road with confidence with Michelin’s deluxe atlas.

2 Responses to North America Deluxe 2014

  1. samantha says:

    wow that's great

  2. Marissa says:

    t's conveniently small, but inconveniently more difficult to read, especially in the New England states where meandering roads are hard to follow because of the small scale.

    Marissa (View information about Lake Clark Alaska Bear Viewing Tours)

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