This completely revised new edition features the best of Tuscany. The region’s northern Alpine peaks feed rich river valleys where rows of vines and grains and pockets of olive trees add texture and order to the land. Discover Tuscany’s breath-taking cities, such as Renaissance Florence, with in-depth features on art, history and architecture. Explore the coast, its ports, idyllic beach coves and several islands, as well as the hidden gems of less well-known Arezzo. Tours, maps, full-color photos, illustrations and plenty of new content help you to explore Tuscany, while Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system and respected maps make sure you see the best on offer from the towers of San Gimignano to the vineyards of Chianti.

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  1. Pieter Wijnsma says:

    Is this available as e-book?

  2. Michelin_Travel says:

    Not just yet! But stay tuned in! We hope to launch our E-Book for Tuscany very shortly.

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