First edition Green Guide South Korea delivers a country bristling with UNESCO World Heritage sites and its own National Treasures.  Enjoy Seoul, an energetic modern city with ancient palaces, shopping malls and food stalls.  Explore Buddhist temples, shamanist shrines and fascinating folk villages. Discover Korea’s cultural heritage through its art, crafts, cuisine and markets.  Visit its diverse landscapes from Seoraksan national park to beautiful island Jeju-do and Suncheon’s wetlands. Whatever you choose, Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system makes sure you see the best of South Korea.

2 Responses to South Korea

  1. jeonghanseo says:

    hello michelin

    i need a michelin guide book

    • Jaewoo Jung says:

      There are links below the listed price to amazon and Barnes & Noble. Both deliver to South Korea. I hope a red guide is published for Seoul. I couldn't find one anywhere and I want to get my hands on one if available…

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