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Scandinavia & Finland

The long-standing Michelin Green Guides are an ideal travel companion for travelers who really want to connect with the world. Get to know the local way of life through detailed background information on the country, people, and culture. Quickly identify the best places to visit using Michelin’s star rating system. The best sites are highlighted on the sites map or you can follow a pre-planned driving tour. With the Michelin Green Guide to Scandinavia & Finland, witness the Nordic passion for functional design and a strong connection to the sea, as Scandinavia beckons you to step outside Copenhagen for modern sculpture in Louisiania, fly over the narrow inlets of Norway’s arctic fjords, or take to the water to verify Stockholm’s status as “Venice of the North.”

4 Responses to Scandinavia & Finland

  1. Tom Bohlsen says:

    Your new format (viamichelin) is certainly very different and is not nearly as helpful or useful.

  2. Gary Durr says:

    I have been utilizing Michelin Green Guides & Maps for just about every European country over a period of many years. They have always been my "Bible" for travelling in Europe. I recently purchased the Michelin Map for Scandinavia & Finland & when I wanted to check driving distances between certain cities I was disappointed (putting it mildly) to find the mileage chart was printed for Ireland. Wow!! I cannot understand how this could happen. Any explanation? Thanks.

  3. Michelin_Travel says:

    Hi Gary. Thank you for your loyalty to MICHELIN maps & guides, and for bringing this to our attention. I am very sorry for the mistake and any inconvenience it may have caused you. The error has been pointed out to our editorial team and we are taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. I'd be glad to send you a file of the correct mileage chart if it could be of use to you. Let us know!

  4. @mgalicki says:

    This book seems out if print. Is a new revision expected?

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