Stroll down the Seine, browse the bouquinistes’ stalls of old books, join a Friday evening roller-blading rally outside Gare Montparnasse, or enjoy more traditional sites such as Notre-Dame Cathedral. Fully updated Green Guide Paris with its highly-rated star system, maps and illustrations helps you discover every corner of this remarkable city. From flea markets to fine dining, and suggested itineraries for quick or more leisurely exploring, whatever your budget, the guide’s address book and features help you uncover the sites of this city.

3 Responses to Paris

  1. Lona Walls says:

    Awesome writing style!

  2. Steve Zimmerman says:

    Your current Green Guide to Paris is a mixed bag. The information on the sights is superb as it has always been. The descriptions & history, the maps, the walks, all fantastic. The absolute best there is.

    It’s the Index that has devolved into almost uselessness. My 2006 edition (which I still use) has an entry in the Index for “MUSEUMS” with all the important museums listed in one place. If the name “Jaquemart-Andre” doesn’t tell you what it’s about, just turn to the proper page for that info.

    Subsequent editions, the 2012 (which I purchased then returned) & apparently the 2013 edition reorganized the Index eliminating this entry. So now you have to know the museum name & what it’s about to find it.

    Please, please Michelin, return the Green Guide Index to its full usefulness so I can resume purchasing & recommending it!

  3. Michelin_Travel says:

    Hi Steve, thanks for your interest in our guides. I'm sorry to hear of your disappointment with the index. Please know that we take feedback seriously and your comments have been forwarded to our editorial team for review.

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