MICHELIN Guide Paris 2014 offers recommendations to 570 restaurants in and around Paris. Updated annually, the guide appeals to a variety of tastes and budgets and includes price ranges and fixed-price menu costs. Although text is in French, information is conveyed via symbols with an English legend. Multiple maps indicate establishment locations. Anonymous, experienced inspectors carefully select restaurants, using the celebrated Michelin food star-rating system. Travelers can feel confident relying on Michelin since only the best make the cut.

9 Responses to MICHELIN Guide Paris 2014

  1. Shapnyc says:

    Why no 2011 English edition?

  2. Leigh4GA says:

    Tip : I use the Main Cities of Europe Red Guide – - it is in English, and includes all of Paris' selections (+ 43 other cities)… Only difference = doesn't include all pictures, and descriptions are slightly more brief! Hope this helps…

  3. Senordlund says:

    there should be better smartphone applications available for finding michelin restaurants..

  4. Lindley Miller says:

    When will the 2012 edition come out?

  5. Lindley Miller says:

    We are leaving San Francisco for Paris in May and would like to have the 2012 edition. Is it coming out soon?

  6. robert says:

    i am interested in reviewing your restaurant guide for paris. can i subscribe and view it on line?

    • Michelin_Travel says:

      Glad to hear your interest. No online subscription available at this time, but you can view the selection list at http://www.viamichelin.com. Also, if you're interested, iTunes will carry the app for The Michelin Guide-France. Hope this helps. Happy dining!

  7. Michelin_Travel says:

    The 2012 Guide is on sale now!

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