MICHELIN Guide Main Cities of Europe 2014 helps travelers find great places to eat and stay with rigorously researched recommendations to 3,700 hotels and restaurants in 44 cities spread throughout 20 European countries.  Updated annually, the guide appeals to all tastes and budgets.  Anonymous, experienced inspectors carefully select restaurants, using the celebrated Michelin food star-rating system.  Travelers can feel confident relying on Michelin since only the best make the cut.


22 Responses to MICHELIN Guide Main Cities of Europe 2014

  1. Dennis says:

    what cities?

  2. Michelin_Travel says:

    Hi Dennis. The Main Cities of Europe title covers over 40 cities in 20 different countries. Some of the larger sections includes (but not limited to): Paris, Madrid, Barcelona, Dublin, Liverpool, Milan, London…Just to name a few! Any specific destination you had in mind?

  3. PKBNYC says:

    Belgium and Netherlands. There appear to be starred establishments, including the countryside, yet I cannot locate the Michelin red guide source.

  4. Daniel says:

    I was curious if it covers Venice and also Cannes? Thanks

  5. Michelin_Travel says:

    Hi Daniel, those cities are not covered in this guide. La guida MICHELIN Italia will include a section on Venice. Although written in Italian, the symbols used to rate the establishments are universal.

  6. Michelin_Travel says:

    @ PKBNYC: This guide covers the following cities: Belgium–Brussels & Antwerp; Netherlands–Amsterdam, The Hague, and Rotterdam.

  7. tony says:

    does it cover paris amsterdam and berlin?

  8. Sergey says:

    Is the Prague in guide?

  9. Katerina says:

    Hello, I would like to check if Prague is included in this guide.
    Thank you, Katerina

    • Michelin_Travel says:

      @Katerina, Yes. It does include a section on Prague restaurants and hotel, including a few places and attractions that are a "must-see"! Bon Voyage!

  10. Nadia says:

    Hello, I would like to check if Ukraine is included in this guide.
    Thank you))))

  11. Mort says:

    How about Scandanavia?

    • Michelin_Travel says:

      Hi, Mort. Parts of Scandinavia are included in this guide: cities in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden.

  12. Kostas says:

    Hello, is Belgrade, Budapest and Warsaw / Crakow included in this guide?
    And another thing, what is the price range for the restaurants included (mid-range to expensive or just all ranges)?
    Thanks in advance!

  13. Kostas says:

    Hello, is Belgrade, Budapest and Warsaw included in this guide?

  14. Bruce says:

    Why not list the covered cities as part of the item's description?!

  15. Vaidas says:

    When include Lithuania ?

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