This completely revised new edition features the best of Great Britain, its three unique countries and dozens of different cultures and landscapes. Tours, maps, full-color photos, illustrations and plenty of new content help you to explore this island where heritage, history and high culture play a continuing role, but nothing stands still for long. Whether walking among the Victoriana of Tunbridge Wells, taking our tour of the British Museum, or beach-hopping on the Pembrokeshire coast, Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system and respected maps make sure you see the best that Great Britain has to offer.

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  1. nik yankey says:

    its so hard to just get a list of whos won michelin stars this year!!!!

  2. Michelin_Travel says:

    Are you looking for star-rated restaurants in the 2012 MICHELIN Guide Great Britain & Ireland? Check out The worldwide Michelin Guide selection is posted there!

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