New Green Guide French Alps has been completely revised and meticulously updated with detailed maps, color photos and insider coverage of skiing areas, hiking retreats, shopping, accommodation and restaurants. Explore Lake Annecy and the underrated Aravis mountains, La Tarentaise’s legendary ski resorts, and the Verdon canyon with its vertiginous views and pretty villages. Experience this breathtaking region even further with suggested excursions, driving and walking tours, and hikes.  Whatever you choose, Michelin’s celebrated star-rating system makes sure you see the best of the French Alps

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  1. abidalilliane says:

    I really admire your courage in sharing this wonderful article, you have shown us how it feels to be in French alps, this is really a quick, I think that I should buy this product for me to know more about French Alps.adhd

  2. We're a transport company here in the Rhone-Alpes France and we provide transportation all over the Alps region. This book is a must as it holds surprisingly in-depth information about many of the beautiful towns and ski resorts which we work from. Well done!!

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