From the picturesque abbey at Baume-le-Messieurs to mountain pastures of Massif du Ballon d’Alsace, let the updated Green Guide Burgundy Jura help you plan, explore and enjoy this region of France. Indulge in culinary temptations at Belfort’s Maison Klein, join the locals at Charolles’ cattle market, or get a birds-eye-view of the Cote de Beaune vineyards by hot-air balloon. Vivid illustrations, color photos and detailed address books help plot out your trip, while the highly regarded star-rating system ensures you see the best of Burgundy.

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  2. Giveaways says:

    Really need to get some sort of information about France region and that is why i am thinking that i will buy this book as early as possible because i have heard about this book one of my friends that this book will help me a lot which i was looking for. Thanks

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