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Every step of the way, the Green Guide offers the perfect blend of practical and cultural information, along with recommended sights and attractions for each area. From the culinary excitement in Tokyo to the shining temples in Bankgok, the Michelin Green Guide is the ideal travel companion on your adventures through Asia.

Michelin Green Guide: South Korea Book Cover

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First edition Green Guide South Korea delivers a country bristling with UNESCO World Heritage sites and its own National Treasures.  Enjoy Seoul, an energetic modern city with ancient palaces, shopping malls and food stalls.  Explore Buddhist temples, shamanist shrines and fascinating folk villages. Discover Korea’s cultural heritage through its art, crafts, cuisine and markets.  Visit […]


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Taiwan, new addition to the Green Guide series, is famous for hot springs, great hiking terrain and delicious snacks. Travelers to this Pacific island off mainland China will discover aboriginal villages, tea plantations, tropical flora and sandy beaches, and can explore the sights at Taroko Gorge, Tainan and Tapei. With driving and walking tours, maps, […]


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From the Okinawa archipelago’s sandy beaches to Honshu’s forested slopes, fully revised and expanded Green Guide Japan presents a country famous for its rich heritage, plentiful hot springs, state-of-art railway network and complex, delicious cuisine. Delight in Kyoto’s shrines and temples, explore Nara’s UNESCO World Heritage sites, and shop in Tokyo’s eclectic boutiques. Discover historic […]

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Thailand is a land in flux, the traditions of Siam and Bhuddism swept up in the hustle and bustle of a modern economic explosion. The streets are humid and rammed with ringing bicycles, yet the corners of tranquility of this nation state are unparalleled. Bask in the reflection of the shining gold temples of Bangkok’s […]

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Booms and busts have been the lifeblood of Singapore since Sir Thomas Raffles hacked back the jungle in the 19th Century to found a successful trading post of the British Empire. In the city, the town planners have been hard at work ever since a Georgian-style multi-ethnic community was outlined in the original Jackson Pan. […]

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