At the heart of the story of Western Civilization, the countries of Europe are rich in history and diverse in languages and cultures. The fifty countries that make up the continent are not only the ancestral homelands of a majority of the western world’s population, they are also the origin for much of its significant political, religious and philosophical thought—long making excursions to Europe a popular rite of passage for those who live beyond its borders. Today, travelers from around the world still come to experience the depth and breadth of the continent’s history: the ancient architecture, the charming villages, the historic music and cuisine. Now they also come to encounter Europe’s modern, contemporary spirit. Moving easily across the region via a well-connected infrastructure of trains, highways and ferries, modern travelers experience an unforgettably diverse landscape of old-world icons, magnificent rural beauty, and cutting-edge contemporary culture.

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Regions of France
Jardin du Palais Royal
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