MICHELIN Guide for Hotels & Restaurants

Q: How can I get my restaurant/hotel listed in the MICHELIN Guide? How do I request an anonymous inspection?

A: Michelin employs a team of full-time professional inspectors who anonymously evaluate establishments using a time-tested range of criteria. They compile a selection of restaurants and hotels for inclusion in the MICHELIN Guides across all the areas included in the geography of each title. The inspectors have a process for selecting establishments to be evaluated, and evaluate many more establishments than are ultimately included in the guide.

You are welcome to forward the name of an establishment you recommend that our inspectors visit. Please be advised that all inspections are anonymous, and you will not receive a response as to when your suggested establishment will be or was visited.

You may submit all relevant details about your hotel or restaurant to our inspectors at Michelin.Guides@us.michelin.com.

Q: How can I share my experience at a Michelin Recommended hotel/restaurant?

A: Michelin employs a team of full-time professional inspectors who anonymously evaluate establishments. By remaining anonymous and paying their own bills, Michelin inspectors have the best chance at experiencing an establishment exactly as any other customer would. It is on this basis that establishments are evaluated and selected for inclusion in the guides.

Inspectors re-visit establishments listed in our guides regularly to ensure that they maintain their quality; thus the selection offered to our readers is under continuous review. Our inspectors work hard to ensure that our guides provide a diverse selection of high quality establishments across all cuisines and for a range of budgets in the areas we cover.

We appreciate your feedback, both positive and negative, and factor consumer feedback into our annual decisions regarding restaurants. Our inspectors truly appreciate hearing from our readers, especially with details of their experiences at establishments included in the Guide. Please share your experiences, positive or negative, with our inspectors by emailing them directly at Michelin.Guides@us.michelin.com.

Q: What are the criteria for receiving Michelin stars?

A: Michelin employs a team of full-time professional restaurant and hotel inspectors who anonymously evaluate establishments according to a well-defined (but unpublished) set of criteria. Michelin Stars specifically are awarded only to restaurants, and for the quality of what is served on the plate. The stars do not relate to either the establishment or the chef. Therefore: (one star) indicates a very good restaurant in its category; (two stars) indicates excellent cuisine, worth a detour; and (three stars) indicate exceptional cuisine, worth a special journey. In addition to the stars, the couverts (forks and spoons) are provided to indicate the level of comfort found at a restaurant. These range from one to five (1 to 5), with one being the most basic and five being the most luxurious.

Regarding our hotels, they are not awarded stars but are ranked purely by comfort level, with the pavilions indicating the degree of comfort and luxury. Therefore (one pavilion) indicates a hotel that is comfortable; (two pavilions) indicate quite comfortable; (three pavilions) indicate very comfortable; (four pavilions) indicate top class comfortable; and finally, (five pavilions) indicate luxury in the traditional style.

In addition to awarding stars and assigning couverts, the MICHELIN Guide also provides a written description of each hotel and restaurant and a variety of other symbols to give readers further insight into an establishment’s facilities, ambience, services and special features, among other factors.

Q: How does one become an inspector? What are the qualifications to become an inspector?

A: Michelin employs a team of full-time professional restaurant and hotel inspectors who anonymously evaluate establishments for potential inclusion in the MICHELIN Guides. All inspectors receive comprehensive in-house training and have an extensive culinary and/or hospitality industry background and education.

If a person is interested in becoming an inspector, checking out Michelin’s US careers website, www.careers.michelin-us.com, is the best route, where positions are posted under ‘Current Openings’ as they become available. If no inspector positions are listed, it means we are not currently hiring. Even if no job is currently available, please create a Personal Profile so that you will be added to our database of potential applicants. You can check the site periodically to see if new positions have been posted. As the MICHELIN Guides expand in North America, the inspector team will continue to grow and we suggest you send your resume directly to the inspection team so they may keep it on file for future openings. You may write to them directly at: Michelin.Guides@us.michelin.com.

Q: Can I get a Michelin restaurant and hotel guide for a European country in English?

A: Historically, the MICHELIN Guides for restaurants and hotels have been published only in the language of the country, using minimal text in most cases and easily recognized universal symbols. These symbols convey a wealth of information without the need to know a foreign language—the reason that MICHELIN Guides have been the standard for many decades among international travelers seeking great places to eat and stay in Europe, no matter what their native language is. The MICHELIN Guide Main Cities of Europe is published in English, as are the city MICHELIN Guides for London, New York City, San Francisco Bay Area & Wine Country, and Chicago.